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Our team of experienced and certified mobile mechanics are dedicated to provide top-notch automotive services wherever you are covering most of the UK.
  • Mobile service, we come to you at home, to help keep you on the road.
  • 50% cheaper than franchise dealers.
  • Instant fixed price.
  • DPF cleans at reduced prices.
  • Diagnostics on a vehicle before you buy it.
  • Require vehicle routine maintenance at your convenience? We’ve got you covered.
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Our Services
DPF Cleaning Services
DPF Cleaning Services:
Specialised cleaning of your DPF to enhance your diesel vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency.
Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services:
State-of-the-art equipment to provide diagnostics on your vehicle at your convenience.
Part/Full Service
Part/Full Service:
From oil changes to Spark plugs replacement, we handle it all at your location.
Customer Feedback
"Before buying my car, I had Mech Medic do a pre-purchase inspection. They did their check, let me know of the issues with the car and which then I was able to save £800 off the advertised price. Thanks, team!"
Emily Qualer - Pre-Purchase Inspection Saved Me Money
"When my car started acting up, I didn't know what to do. I called Mech Medic, and their diagnostic service was impressive. They identified the issue and had the right parts to fix it on the spot. Efficient and knowledgeable team!"
Zack Renvik - Quick Diagnostic Expertise
"I was having issues with my car being in limp mode for a while, I called Mech Medic and they gave my car a DPF clean and replaced the pressure sensor and no more limp mode! Great service & polite team"
Luke Wyndall - DPF Clean Service
Locations Covered
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Portsmouth
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Oxford
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Knaphill
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Chertsey
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Weybridge
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Farnborough
  • Mobile Mechanic Services London
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Guildford
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Harrow
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Woking
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Bournemouth
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Aldershot
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Surrey
  • Mobile Mechanic Services South East
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Basingstoke
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Wembley
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Addlestone
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Southampton
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Camberley
  • Mobile Mechanic Services Hertfordshire
  • Mobile Mechanic Services United Kingdom
Vehicles Covered
  • Ford Mobile Mechanics
  • BMW Mobile Mechanics
  • Peugeot Mobile Mechanics
  • Citroen Mobile Mechanics
  • MINI Mobile Mechanics
  • Kia Mobile Mechanics
  • Skoda Mobile Mechanics
  • Vauxhall Mobile Mechanics
  • Audi Mobile Mechanics
  • Nissan Mobile Mechanics
  • Toyota Mobile Mechanics
  • Honda Mobile Mechanics
  • Fiat Mobile Mechanics
  • Mazda Mobile Mechanics
  • Volkswagen Mobile Mechanics
  • Mercedes Mobile Mechanics
  • Renault Mobile Mechanics
  • Hyundai Mobile Mechanics
  • Land Rover Mobile Mechanics
  • SEAT Mobile Mechanics
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